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NLP Techniques for success and fulfilment in life and business

This website has been designed as resource for those who may be interesting in our NLP training and coaching to give them an idea of some of the content, and for those who have finished their training and are looking for a reminder to further improve their learning and results.

The site is divided into two volumes. The first focuses on life:

  1. The NLP Adventure. This is an introduction to NLP. I’ve found clients who treat NLP as an adventure generally get much better results. The start is a ‘discovery phase’.
  2. Plan, structure and discipline. I’ve develop this structure to enable clients to use NLP to directly improve their lives
  3. NLP Coaching Framework. This significantly develops the GROW model
  4. Key NLP Techniques. This includes additional techniques to help overcome blocks and or to further increase performance.

The second on business:

When considering NLP in business it is critical to have some basic business models.

  1. Leadership, Management, Action and Review. We can also apply ideas these to our own lives.
  2. Career. How can we develop our careers?
  3. Going Solo. How to start a business? Or maybe run the work aspect of our life as a business.

The next section explores the ‘Start of The Adventure‘.

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NLP Techniques

NLP Techniques

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